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Vincent has an extraordinary power: his strength and reflexes tenfold when in contact with the water. To fully experience this gift, he moved into an area rich in lakes and rivers, and sufficiently isolated to preserve his tranquility. During a water break, he is surprised by Lucie and falls in love...

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French release date: February 18, 2015

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French poster from the movie Vincent (Vincent n'a pas d'écailles)

Main Cast

  • Vincent
  • Lucie
  • Driss
  • Lieutenant Le Brec
  • L'amie de Lucie
  • Homme camping
  • Chef de chantier
  • Logeuse Vincent
  • Enfant de la ferme
  • Enfant de la ferme
  • Enfant de la ferme
  • Collègue chantier
  • Bagarreur chantier
  • Jeune homme chantier
  • Adjudant Tallier

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