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After hoping and praying, Craig and Sherry Burton's dream of having a baby just came true. But it's nothing like they expected. Because this baby is definitely not of this world. Fearing the worst, Craig teams up with alien abduction expert Bert Clavell to unravel the truth. Through hypnosis, they discover in horrific detail that aliens impregnated Sherry. Now the only way to save them is to face the terror within. The impossible cannot be denied when you feel it inside you...

Us release date: March 30, 1999

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French artwork from the movie Progeny

Main Cast

  • Dr. Craig Burton
  • Sherry Burton
  • Dr. Bert Clavell
  • Dr. Susan Lamarche
  • Dr. David Wetherly
  • Eric Davidson
  • Dr. Duke Kelly
  • Nurse Ida
  • Night Nurse
  • Jimmy Stevens
  • Devon Thompson
  • Karen Boglia
  • Nurse Jane
  • Nurse Della
  • Henry


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