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RPG: Real Playing Game




'How far would you go to be young again?'... Dying from a terminal disease Steve Battier, a multimillionaire, seeks to be young again. He finds that possibility at RPG, a biotechnological company who offers to a happy few that have enough money, a transfer of their brain to a new body during a short period of time. To entertain their rich clients, RPG organizes a game: during 10 hours they will live an extreme experience playing a deadly game from where only one will come alive. In a 23 years old body, Steve experiments a new life, full of thrill and pleasure. At the end, he will do everything to stay young forever... But sometimes reality is not what we think it is...

Portuguese release date: August 29, 2013

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International poster from the movie RPG: Real Playing Game

Main Cast

  • Steve Battier
  • Mr. Chan
  • Sarah
  • Young Steve Battier
  • Young Alice
  • Young Boris
  • Young Carlos
  • Young Li
  • Young Maria
  • Young Kate
  • Young Okot
  • Young Yasmin
  • Young Jorge
  • Driver
  • Editor



Also Known As

  • RPG (pt)

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