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Sharktopus vs. Mermantula




In order to take down Sharktopus, Ray Brady, a former basketball player is injected with a transformation serum that alters his genetic make-up to become part man, part pirahna and part tarantula. Though, unsuccessful at his first attempt to bring down Sharktopus, Ray injects himself with a growth hormone, increasing his strength ten fold and has a final showdown with Sharktopus in a baseball stadium.

Us release date: July 19, 2015

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Main Cast

  • Ray Brady
  • Nurse
  • Dr. Elsa Reinhardt
  • Nurse Betty
  • Inspector Nita Morales
  • Bar victim
  • Additional Voices
  • Widow
  • TV Host
  • (additional voices)
  • Huerta
  • The Priest
  • Manager
  • Pablo
  • Bachelor


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