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The Expanse




The Expanse is set two hundred years in the future, after mankind has colonized the solar system. A hardened detective (Thomas Jane, Hung) and a rogue ship’s captain (Steven Strait, Magic City) come together for what starts as the case of a missing young woman and evolves into a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.

Us release date: December 14, 2015

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Us poster from the series The Expanse

Main Cast

  • Joe Miller
  • Jim Holden
  • Alex Kamal
  • Naomi Nagata
  • Amos Burton
  • Julie Mao
  • Chrisjen Avasarala
  • Diogo
  • Sadavir Errinwright
  • Kenzo
  • Col. Frederick Lucius Johnso
  • Octavia Muss
  • Shed Garvey
  • Background
  • Dimitri Havelock


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