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Patient Zero




A biological disaster in a secret goverment lab unleashes a hellstorm of fury in this heart-stopping follow-up from the makers of Humans Versus Zombies. Now, this unfortunate group of scientists will learn that death is for the lucky as they witness the horrific transformation of their colleagues into ravaging, blod-thirsty savages. Will the scientists succeed in exposing the government's cover up, or better yet, will any of them manage to make it out alive?

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Us poster from the movie Patient Zero

Main Cast

  • Dr. Jonathan Wright
  • Dr. Jenna Barnes
  • The Major
  • Sheriff Klein
  • Liz
  • Marvin Johnson
  • Tactical Commander
  • Young Woman
  • Scientist 1
  • Male Test Subject
  • Air Vent Zombie
  • Test Subject
  • Kerri Klein
  • Richard
  • Black Op 2


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Biohazard (us)
  • Biohazard: Patient Zero (us)

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