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Kikaider: The Ultimate Human Robot




The film's story will take place in a future when the "Ark Project" uses robots to solve problems that the Japanese government cannot solve with human power alone. When robot engineering expert Nobuhiko Kōmyōji dies, his rivals steal his plans and start causing chaos until a conscious robot Jiro (Kikaider), created by Kōmyōji, appears as the hero.(ANN)

Japanese release date: May 24, 2014

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Japanese poster from the movie Kikaider: The Ultimate Human Robot (Kikaidâ Reboot)

Main Cast

  • Jiro / Kikaider (voix)
  • Nobuhiko Kohmyoji
  • Mitsuko Kohmyoji
  • Masaru Kohmyoji
  • Hanpei Hattori
  • Gilbert Kanzaki / Hakaider (
  • Mari
  • Kyujiro Maeno
  • Shinnosuke Tanabe
  • Sogoro Honda

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