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Dragon Wars




Meet Buraki, the vicious, 200-meter-long Imoogi serpent from ancient Korea. His army includes giant lizards with missile launchers, flying dragons, soldiers bred for evil and mega-intelligent dinosaurs. Together, they will destroy our cities unless reincarnated warriors Ethan and Sarah can outrun them and resurrect the Good Imoogi, Buraki's ancient nemesis. Dragon Wars reveals every last detail of Earth's greatest battle - a war you'll only believe when you see it for yourself.

South korean release date: August 01, 2007
Us release date: September 14, 2007

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Us poster from the movie Dragon Wars (D-War)

Main Cast

  • Ethan Kendrick
  • Sarah Daniels
  • Jack
  • Bruce
  • Brandy
  • Agent Frank Pinsky
  • Agent Judah Campbell
  • Agent Linda Perez
  • Mr. Belafonte
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Secretary of Defense
  • Young Ethan
  • Reporter
  • Sarah's Mother

Also Known As

  • Dragon Wars: D-War (us)

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