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Age of Tomorrow




When the sun strikes an alter, hidden within the ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, it creates a beacon that triggers an alien blitzkrieg. Within hours, their ships destroy all the military infrastructure on earth. One anthropologist knows how to repel the invaders, but this secret is buried under the ruins of the Pyramid of the Moon--directly underneath the mothership...

Us release date: June 10, 2014

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Us poster from the movie Age of Tomorrow

Main Cast

  • Dr. Gordon
  • Captain James Wheeler
  • General Magowan
  • Chris Meher
  • Rick Sullivan
  • Colonel Mac
  • Major Blake
  • Sgt. Clayton
  • Control
  • Casey
  • Johnny Hansen
  • Cabrera
  • Lieutenant Southard
  • Lindsay
  • Fitzpatrick


Also Known As

  • Alien Extinction (inc)

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