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P-51 Dragon Fighter




In 1943, as the allies advance in North Africa, the Nazis unleash an ancient terror. Out of the night sky the allies are ambushed by dragons. Facing annihilation, a rag tag group of P-51 pilots are sent on a desperate mission to fight the dragons and save the war...

Us release date: August 19, 2014

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Us artwork from the movie P-51 Dragon Fighter

Main Cast

  • Lt. John Robbins
  • Rachel McKee
  • Lt. Drake Holdrin
  • Dr. Heinrich Gudrun
  • Gen. Irwin Rommel
  • Général Ward
  • Lt. Jake Kranston
  • Lt. Jeff Campbell
  • Sue Strickland
  • Lt. Arthur Marks
  • Lt. Bertrand Galieu
  • Flt. Lt. Karl Kuttelwascher
  • Plt. Off. Alistair Godfrey
  • 2nd Lt. Robert Foy
  • Flt. Lt. Millet


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