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When Air Force One goes down over the Bermuda Triangle, the Navy sends its best rescue team. But in saving the president, the team uncovers a secret lurking on the bottom of the ocean, awakening a monster that threatens the entire eastern seaboard. The team warns those above to prepare for attack, but no one can be prepared to fight what they do not understand...

Us release date: April 04, 2014

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Main Cast

  • Trip Oliver
  • Admiral Hansen
  • Stephen Hondo
  • Greg Elfman
  • General Briggs
  • Captain Haynes
  • C.P.O. Vincent
  • Captain Dave Williams
  • Natalie -President's Chief A
  • Presidential Aide 2
  • Jorge Rivas
  • Ensign
  • Quartermaster
  • Gunnery Sargeant
  • Arthur Jackson



Also Known As

  • Dark Rising (us)

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