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Iron Sky the Coming Race





20 years ago Earth was ruined in a nuclear apocalypse. What's left of humanity is trapped on the Moon - which is now falling apart as well. Mankind's only hope is to send a small team into the Center of the Earth to retrieve the mythical Holy Grail. All that stands in their way is an ancient race of reptilian humanoids and an army of dinosaurs. How hard could it be?

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Unknown poster from the movie Iron Sky the Coming Race  (Iron Sky the Coming Race)

Main Cast

  • Obi
  • Sasha
  • Malcom
  • Donald
  • Renate Richter
  • Fat Tyler
  • Ryan
  • Tyler
  • Wolfgang Kortzfleisch
  • Gary the base commander
  • Vril Sarah Pallin
  • Deputy Commander Johan
  • Vril Pope
  • Vril Kim Jong-Un
  • Vril Margaret Thatcher


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Iron Sky 2 (inc)

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