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When evil scientist Judd Nelson begins selling top-secret weapons to LA's street gangs, former military researcher Shaq joins forces with a brilliant electronics expert to build an invincible suit of armor. Layered in his magnetic metal sheath and armed with his own hi-tech weaponry, Shaq transforms into his mythic alter-ego, "Steel." From a secret command center, Steel sets out on a high-powered silver motorcycle to confront Nelson and rid the city of crime...

Us release date: August 15, 1997

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Us poster from the movie Steel

Main Cast

  • John Henry Irons / Steel
  • Susan Sparks
  • Nathaniel Burke
  • Uncle Joe
  • Grandma Odessa
  • Martin
  • Lamont
  • Col. David
  • Sen. Nolan
  • Major
  • Norma
  • Sgt. Marcus
  • Detective
  • Young Cop
  • Slats

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