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Zone 261





ZONE 261 is about how the Swedish city of Landskrona is infected by a virus that turns people into monsters. In order to prevent the infection from spreading, the military sets the town in quarantine. A few non-infected – a group of Swedes and a group of immigrants – take shelter in the old citadel. While the monsters approach, the old conflicts between the Swedes and the immigrants escalate to the boiling point. Finally, with the monsters knocking on the door, the uninfected are forced to decide who the worst monsters are: The infected out there – or the old enemies in here?

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Unknown poster from the movie Zone 261 (Zon 261)

Main Cast

  • Big John - Icelandic Viking
  • Sahar
  • Kpt. Widman
  • Nils
  • Gen.Mj. Wingren
  • Egill Sturlaugsson - Viking
  • Lt. Ehrenstrahl
  • Lt.Col. Saedén
  • Lt. Dahlberg
  • WHO Consultant
  • Bullseye - Icelandic Viking
  • Beck-Friis
  • Bertil
  • Sampo / Boss Monster
  • Lt.Col. Heinziger


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • ZONE 261 - Operation Ragnarok (inc)
  • ZON 261 - Operation Ragnarök (se)

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