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Twilight's Last Gleaming




Lawrence Dell (Burt Lancaster), a highly decorated US Air Force Colonel escaped from a military prison and with the help of three other convicts (Paul Winfield, Burt Young, William Smith). The four men take over a nuclear base and hold America hostage...

German release date: October 28, 1977
Us release date: February 09, 1977

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Us poster from the movie Twilight's Last Gleaming

Main Cast

  • Gen. Lawrence Dell
  • James Forrest
  • Arthur Renfrew - Secretary o
  • Zachariah Guthrie
  • President David T. Stevens
  • Capt. Stanford Towne
  • William Klinger - Attorney G
  • Brig. Gen. O'Rourke
  • Gen. Martin MacKenzie - Comm
  • Willis Powell
  • Augie Garvas
  • Bernstein
  • Ralph Whittaker - CIA Direct
  • Air Force Gen. Peter Crane
  • First Lt. Louis Cannellis

Also Known As

  • Das Ultimatum (rfa)
  • Todeskommando Feuerblitz Ultimatum (rfa)
  • Silo III (us)
  • Viper Three (us)

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