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Exploding Sun




A solar flare four times larger than Earth plunging toward the planet, Military scientist Dr. Jane Brandt calls upon the one man who can possibly reverse the cataclysm: a renegade ad-hoc scientist who warns the countdown to the end of humanity has begun...

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Unknown poster from the movie Exploding Sun

Main Cast

  • Don Wincroft
  • Craig Bakus
  • Cheryl Wincroft
  • Reggie Walker
  • Denise Balaban
  • Alan Elias
  • Simone Mathany
  • Peter Roebling
  • Fiona Henslaw
  • President Mathany
  • Joan Elias
  • Roger Lynch
  • JJ Elias
  • Lara Mathany
  • Marta Hernandez


No available information for now.


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Shockwave (us)

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