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Super Tanker




In a top Secret facility on Alaska's North Shore our government's most dangerous cold war artifacts lie dormant. It is here that ICE-10, a anti-matter last resort weapon developed from fragments brought to earth by a meteor. However, when a small amount is removed for further testing at a top secret facility, the military transport plane goes down and the anti matter escapes wiping out an entire town in Northern Canada.Understanding the destructive capacity of the material the U.S. Government decides to ship off the remaining material on a special container on board a Super Tanker to be dropped in the deepest trench in the world, The Marianas. If the Tanker doesn't make it, mankind will be wiped out form the face of the earth...

Us release date: January 29, 2011

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Us poster from the TV movie Super Tanker

Main Cast

  • Adam Murphy
  • Admiral
  • Morgan
  • Jackie
  • Col. Hanley
  • Capitaine Spyrou
  • Robert Jordan
  • Randall
  • First Mate
  • Plant Director
  • Dalton
  • Bartender
  • Press Secretary
  • Reporter #1
  • Reporter #2


Also Known As

  • Battle Tanker (inc)

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