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The Crimson Ghost




Professor Chambers invents the Cyclotrode, a device meant to help protect the United States from atomic weapons. This device incorporates a television monitor able to view objects at considerable distance and is able to short out any electrical device. Unknown to Professor Chambers, one of his College Professor associates is the criminal mastermind, the Crimson Ghost. The Ghost gains control of the Cyclotrode prototype and works towards creating a much larger version...

Us release date: October 26, 1946

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Us poster from the movie The Crimson Ghost

Main Cast

  • Duncan Richards
  • Diana Farnsworth
  • Louis Ashe
  • Dr. Blackton [Ch. 11]
  • Dr. Chambers [Chs. 1-2, 8]
  • Prof. Van Wyck
  • Anderson [Chs. 1-4]
  • Maxwell
  • Prof. Parker
  • Count Fator [Chs. 11-12]
  • Wilson [Ch. 1]
  • Henchman Stricker [Chs. 4, 7
  • Henchman Harte [Chs. 6-7]
  • Bain
  • Snyder [Chs. 1-2] / Zane [Ch


Also Known As

  • Cyclotrode X (us)
  • The Scarlet Shadow (us)

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