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Day Break




For every decision, there's a consequence. Did you ever have a day so bad you couldn't wait to get past it? The kind of day where nothing goes your way, and everything turns out wrong. What would happen if you couldn't put this day behind you... literally?
Today, Detective Brett Hopper will be accused of shooting state attorney Alberto Garza. He will offer his rock solid alibi. He will realize he's been framed. And he will run. Then he will wake up and start the day over again. This time he'll do it differently - and will continue to - until he finds out who's framing him, gets his gang witness to court to testify, and saves the lives of his loved ones. Hopper has only one advantage in his favor - he remembers everything he did the "day prior" that didn't work. It's a painful way to learn, because he also carries the bruises and battle scars from every mistake-filled day.

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Us artwork from the series Day Break

Main Cast

  • Detective Brett Hopper
  • Rita Shelten
  • Andrea Battle
  • Jennifer Mathis
  • Damien Ortiz
  • Chad Shelten
  • Buchalter
  • Fencik
  • Detective Spivak
  • Detective Christopher Choi
  • Shadow Man
  • Preisser

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