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California, 1995. Andy Kaufman is ValCom 17485, a robot programmed for valet service with a specialty in lumber commodities. Bernadette Peters is AquaCom 89045, a hostess companion robot designed to assist at poolside parties. When they fall in love, they know it will last forever, or at least until their batteries wear out. So is it any wonder that they escape to discover the world outside the factory? That they create a baby from spare parts? That not even a flame throwing police robot can stop them? With all this warm human emotion, "heartrbeeps" is one robot love story that can only be described as "electric".

Us release date: December 18, 1981

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Us poster from the movie Heartbeeps

Main Cast

  • Val
  • Aqua
  • Charlie
  • Max
  • Susan
  • Calvin
  • Factory Boss
  • Factory Watchman
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Party House Owner
  • Party Guest
  • Party Guest
  • Firing Range Technician and
  • Firing Range Technician
  • Party Butler Robot


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