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Zarkorr! The Invader




A coalition of highly intelligent alien beings is about to put our entire civilization to the ultimate test-and they have selected Tommy Ward as the planet's sole defender. His opponent...185 feet tall, 300 tons, equipped with deadly eye lasers and a nasty disposition, Zarkorr! is a city-crushing "monster-on-a-mission" and no weapon on Earth can harm it. Armed with only a few vague clues given to him by the Proctor (a five-inch-tall, beautiful female hologram), Tommy alone is the only hope for the future of mankind.

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Unknown artwork from the movie Zarkorr! The Invader

Main Cast

  • Horrace
  • Dunk
  • Billy
  • Al
  • Tommy Ward
  • Proctor
  • Stan
  • Elizabeth Anderson
  • Marty Karlson
  • Debby Dalverson
  • Stephanie Martin
  • Reporter
  • Stage Manager
  • Crew Member
  • Guard One


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