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The Big Bus




A wonderful spoof of disaster films, "The Big Bus" is about the world's first nuclear-powered bus - a 75-ton monster on 32 enormous wheels - and its maiden journey from New York to Denver. Jockeying the world's greatest bus, of course, is the world's greatest bus driver. His co-pilot is given to sudden blackouts and has a penchant for driving on the shoulder of the road. A pair of evil-doers vow to destroy the bus at the outset, thus providing lots of hilarious suspense...

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Us poster from the movie The Big Bus

Main Cast

  • Dan Torrance
  • Kitty Baxter
  • Shoulders
  • Father Kudos
  • Shorty Scotty
  • Dr. Kurtz
  • Ironman
  • Old Lady
  • Professeur Baxter
  • Parking Lot Docteur
  • Sybil Crane
  • Claude Crane
  • Camille Levy
  • Emery Bush
  • Alex


Also Known As

  • Большой автобус (inc)

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