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Mind Over Murder




Holly Winters, an assistant D.A. in her mid-30s, is hit by a car injuring her head. As a result, she discovers that she has the ability to read people’s minds. Although somewhat disoriented by this new skill, she soon realizes that it can be an asset both at work and in her personal life. When 25-year-old Kathryn Davis is found murdered in a van, the obvious suspect appears to be Hector Colon, the thief carrying Kathryn’s credit card’s. Soon however, Holly discovers that prominent politician, Thomas Sinclair and Kathryn’s former boss, may have also been involved in her murder. As Holly uses her psychic skills to build a seemingly airtight case, she begins to receive threats from strangers, the accused, his entourage and even her ex-husband...

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Us artwork from the TV movie Mind Over Murder

Main Cast

  • Holly Winters
  • Max Luckett
  • Gray Underwood
  • Karl
  • Julian Hasty
  • Senator Sinclair
  • Grant Rogers
  • Rachel Chin
  • Murphy
  • Madame Espy
  • Hector Colon
  • Stacey Corwin
  • Kathryn Davis
  • Dr. Michaels
  • Dr. Oliver

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