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Monster Ark




While American archaeologist Dr. Nicholas Zavaterro (Tim DeKay) is in the Middle East exploring an ancient temple, he discovers an urn that contains the original Book of Genesis. Nicholas's ex-wife, a languages scholar named Dr. Ava Greenway (Ren''e O'Connor), soon decodes the manuscript. It states that Noah (Atanas Srebrev) actually made a second ark before the biblical flood and caged a demonic monster nicknamed the Darkness inside of it. Noah was attempting to banish it forever, but the ark sank somewhere over Iraq. Since Nicholas is intrigued by this information, he takes Ava and some of his students to Iraq to search for the ark. When they find it, they discover the crate inside and open it, freeing the beast. As the Darkness begins to destroy everything in its path, Nicholas and the American and Iraqi militaries struggle to destroy it.

Us release date: August 09, 2008

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Us poster from the TV movie Monster Ark

Main Cast

  • Dr. Ava Greenway
  • Dr. Nicholas Zavaterro
  • Sgt. Gentry
  • Joanna
  • Belus
  • Russell
  • Wilson
  • Coles
  • Martinez
  • Hutch
  • Insurgent #1
  • Insurgent #2
  • Belus' Lieutenant
  • Iraqi Capitaine Backhar
  • Laborer

Also Known As

  • Genesis Code (us)

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