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Blonde Goddess




The erotic, macho dreams of Elmo Smathers, a shy comic book artist, transport him first to a lush South American forest, where he meets a tribe of lusty warriors and ultimately their beautiful pagan queen, the Blonde Goddess. Next, Elmo’s fantasies take him to France during WWII, where he defeats the Black Baron in a thrilling sky duel. Both men live to share the insatiable ladies of the Chateau. The Blonde Goddess appears, as she does at the climax of each fantasy, luring him to a place of endless lust. Jack Hammer, Private Eye, is Elmo’s next reverie. Hammer’s current case involves intimate association with the sexy sirens of the 1940's. Thrusting into the future, Elmo battles the galactic overlord, Megazon, for the safety of the universe and the flesh of the five succulent otherworldly beauties...

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Us poster from the movie Blonde Goddess

Main Cast

  • Elmo Smathers/Louisiana Smit
  • Amorella the Blonde Goddess/
  • French Girl/Sadie
  • Millie Van Horn/Megazon's Gi
  • Herself
  • Mr. Big
  • The Baron
  • Dr. Robert Fish/Temple Overs
  • Bruno
  • Abducted Girl (also as Colee
  • Jill Van Horn
  • (credit only)


Also Known As

  • Blond Goddess (us)

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