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Deep in the heart of the Turkish Forest lies Mt. Ararat, a dormant volcano that holds within itself a deadly and prehistoric secret that has been asleep for millions of years...until now. Not knowing the threat that awaits them, tow separate expeditions make their way into the heart of the forest and closer to the volcano. Captain Bergen (Coolio) leads his military special ops unit on a manhunt for a dangerous terrorist, while Professor Lovecraft (Cameron Daddo) and his team of scientists search for clues to the past when they make a dangerous discovery - hatching Pterodactyl eggs! Faced with the threat of the flesh-eating predators, both groups come to the realization that they must rely on one another if they plan on making out of the forest alive! With non-stop action and explosive graphics, Pterodactyl will make your fear take fight!

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Us artwork from the movie Pterodactyl

Main Cast

  • Prof. Michael Lovecraft
  • Capt. Bergen
  • Kate Heinlein
  • Serling
  • Yolen
  • Willis Bradbury
  • Angie Lem
  • Zelazny
  • Gwen Kemper
  • Jason Donaldson
  • Burroughs
  • Clarke
  • Herbert
  • Tezo
  • Berk


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