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The Advanced Guard




Aliens select Earth as their next target for invasion. Assuming human form, they randomly abduct four people. What the aliens don't count on is the resourcefulness of their prisoners. Human will, determination and ingenuity are soon put to the test as the group desperately fights for their survival...and the survival of their planet.

Us release date: March 21, 1998

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Us artwork from the TV movie The Advanced Guard

Main Cast

  • Homeless Man killed by Bravo
  • Fred, Captive Security Guard
  • Cop 2
  • Charley, Alien
  • Ailene, Fred's Girl
  • Harper, Alien Scientist
  • Desmond, Captive Red Neck
  • Brovo, Alien Goon
  • Girl
  • Alpha the Alien Commander
  • Laura, Captive
  • Man
  • Cop 1
  • Kevin, Captive


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • The Colony (us)

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