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Making Mr. Right




Beautiful executive Frankie Stone has her work cut out for her. Hired by a giant technology company to humanize their latest inventionan android-astronaut named Ulysses she is shocked to discover that her new client embodies all the qualities she's ever wanted in a man! When they begin to fall for one another, will their robotic romance blast into the stratosphere or blow a circuit and crash?

Us release date: April 03, 1987

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Us poster from the movie Making Mr. Right

Main Cast

  • Dr. Jeff Peters / Ulysses
  • Frankie Stone
  • Trish
  • Steve Marcus
  • Sandy
  • Estelle Stone
  • Dr. Ramdas
  • Don
  • Ivy Stone
  • Suzy Duncan
  • Bruce
  • Moe Glickstein
  • Manny
  • Jeweler
  • Tux Salesman

Also Known As

  • Как создать идеал (inc)

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