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Fourteen-year-old Henry discovers, sneaking into the apartment of an eccentric Clockmaker, that the old man controls time for the entire world through an incredible array of magnificent timepieces and weird machines. When Henry's friend accidentally pushes a wrong button, he gets launched back in time, severely disrupting the space-time continuum. As everything begins to change around them, Henry and his friends must travel back in time to save their friend... and the future.

Us release date: August 18, 1998

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Us artwork from the movie Clockmaker

Main Cast

  • Henry
  • Mary Beth
  • Devon
  • Markham
  • Betty
  • Bankwell
  • Brogan
  • Time Agent Leader
  • Time Agent
  • Time Agent
  • Sgt Grillo
  • Vagrancy Police Officer
  • Vagrancy Police Officer
  • Vagrancy Police Officer
  • Vagrancy Police Officer

Also Known As

  • Timekeeper (us)

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