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Fall of Hyperion




NASA scientist John Brighton (Thomas Calabro, "Melrose Place") and his assistant Ben Freeman arrive at Camp Vanguard to warn President Karen Graham and her staff that a cluster of meteors is on a collision path headed straight for Los Angeles and that casualties will be in the hundreds of thousands. To make matters worse, the meteors will also collide with the space station Hyperion and the 12 astronauts have no way of leaving the ship. Hyperion, which contains a thermonuclear core, is set to crash into earth within the next five hours. Secretary Kraft suggests using missiles to decimate the threat. John Brighton feels this will only exacerbate the problem. Is there a hidden agenda? Tipped to the emergency, reporter Ken begins to broadcast the story, but agents want to shut him off the air and the reporter discovers that some cover-ups are more deadly than others.

Us release date: October 10, 2008

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French artwork from the TV movie Fall of Hyperion

Main Cast

  • EMT
  • Sam Hunter
  • Richard Kraft
  • John Brighton
  • Weeping Father
  • Missing Girl
  • Dr. Gibbons
  • Ben Freeman
  • Russ Jackson
  • Secret Service Agent
  • Jenni Hansen
  • Weeping Mother
  • FBI Agent Godfrey
  • FBI Agent Morris
  • Ken Stone


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Total Eclipse (inc)

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