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Monkey Business




A chimpanzee gets loose in Dr. Barnaby Fulton's (Cary Grant) lab and accidentally completes the youth formula Fulton has been working on. The industrious chimp also dumps the potion into the office water cooler - which becomes clear only when Fulton's staff mysteriously grows younger and younger. The chemistry really explodes when his voluptuous secretary (Monroe) gets a taste of the potion...

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Us poster from the movie Monkey Business

Main Cast

  • Dr. Barnaby Fulton
  • Mrs. Edwina Fulton
  • Mr. Oliver Oxley
  • Miss Lois Laurel
  • Hank Entwhistle
  • Dr. Jerome Kitzel
  • Dr. Zoldeck
  • G.J. Culverly
  • Dr. Brunner
  • Mrs. Rhinelander
  • Little Indian

Also Known As

  • Be Your Age (inc)
  • Howard Hawks' Monkey Business (uk)
  • Darling I Am Growing Younger (us)

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