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Transatlantic Tunnel




Two engineers Richard McAllan and Frederick Robinson manage to get financial backing for a gigantic project to build an undersea tunnel from England to the United States. Their biggest supporter is Varlia Lloyd, the daughter of one of the backers, who repeatedly uses her influence to keep the project going. After years of financial struggles and numerous obstacle along the way, the tunnel proceeds even as McAllan's marriage and his relationship with Frederick continue to deteriorate.Will McAllan's dreams be realized or will it all end in disaster?

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Us poster from the movie Transatlantic Tunnel (The Tunnel)

Main Cast

  • Richard McAllan
  • Frederick Robbins
  • Ruth McAllan
  • Varlia Lloyd
  • Lloyd
  • Mostyn
  • Grellier
  • Mary
  • Harriman
  • Geoffrey McAllan
  • Prime Minister of Great Brit
  • President of the United Stat

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