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From Beijing with Love




When a man with a golden gun steal the cranium bones of China's only dinosaur fossil, the government sends out their best man to track down the villain. Chinese spoof of James Bond films.

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Hong kong release date: October 13, 1994
Us release date: September 14, 1994

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French poster from the movie From Beijing with Love (Gwok chaan Ling Ling Chat)

Main Cast

  • Ling Ling Chat
  • Kam
  • Mystery Woman
  • Da Vinci
  • Metal Mouth
  • Firing Squad Commander
  • Football Commentator (voix)
  • Whore at Regent Motel
  • Iron Legs
  • Guard
  • Lai Yau - wai
  • Crying brother
  • ...
  • Man about to be executed
  • Leader of Hunan Robbers


Also Known As

  • Guo chan Ling Ling Qi (hk)

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