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Earth's Final Hours




When a super-dense fragment of an interstellar mass punches through the Earth’s core, the impact slows down the globe’s rotation threatening the world with total destruction. Tech wiz, Jenna Simms, sees an unmistakable pattern correlating to fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field that will inevitably culminate in the Earth suddenly standing still. The effects of which will not only divide the planet into searing heat and extreme cold but will also wipe out the land masses as the still moving atmosphere will sweep away anything not anchored to bedrock. Will this be Earth’s final hours?

Us release date: February 01, 2012

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Us poster from the TV movie Earth's Final Hours

Main Cast

  • John Streich
  • Chloe Edwards
  • Andy Streich
  • Michelle Fulton
  • Lockman
  • Arnett
  • Rothman
  • Agent Massie
  • Edward Leary
  • Scientist
  • Darlene
  • Tech
  • Assistant
  • Lt. Reid
  • Agent #1



$1 800 000

Also Known As

  • Poslednji Sati Planete Zemlje (inc)

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