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Black Swarm




Welcome to Black Stone, "The Township of Good Neighbors" now home to something more ominous: an invasion of intelligent - and deadly - genetically altered wasps. As the attacks grow in number, more residents are mysteriously transforming into Killer Drones. It's clear these wasps are carrying out a single, terrifying purpose: to exterminate humanity. But who - or what - is behind it? When the dark cloud descends, you haven't got a chance. The Black Swarm is here.

British release date: December 07, 2007
Us release date: March 13, 2008

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Us artwork from the TV movie Black Swarm

Main Cast

  • Devin Hall / Dan Hall
  • Jane Kozik
  • Katherine Randell
  • Kelsey Kozik
  • Eli Giles
  • Mayor Blatz
  • Beverly Rowe
  • Father Francis
  • Homeless Man
  • Ice Cream Man
  • Coroner Dr. Fogg
  • Neighbor / Policeman
  • Sniper #1
  • Sniper #2

Also Known As

  • Night of the Drones (ca)

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