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Something unspeakably chilling is heating up The City of Angels. Beneath the famed La Brea Tar Pits, a raging volcano has formed, raining a storm of deadly fire bombs and an endless tide of white-hot lava upon the stunned city. Experience the pulse-pounding thrills as the dream capital of the world erupts into the stuff nightmares are made of...

British release date: October 03, 1997
Us release date: April 25, 1997

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Us poster from the movie Volcano

Main Cast

  • Mike Roark
  • Dr. Amy Barnes
  • Kelly Roark
  • Emmit Reese
  • Dr. Jaye Calder
  • Police Lieutenant Ed Fox
  • Norman Calder
  • Gator Harris
  • Stan Olber
  • Kevin
  • Rachel
  • L.A. Fire Chief
  • Bud McVie
  • Terry Jasper
  • Roger Lapher

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