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Far Cry




Jack Carver (Schweiger), a retired special forces officer, escorts star journalist, Valerie (Vaugier), on the trail of a story on a mysterious island off the Pacific Northwest. Upon docking, they are attacked and pursued by a squad of mercenaries employed by scientist, Dr. Krieger (Udo Kier). In their attempt to escape, they uncover Dr. Krieger's secret lab and unleash the genetically engineered beasts that he's created.

German release date: October 02, 2008

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German poster from the movie Far Cry

Main Cast

  • Jack Carver
  • Valerie Cardinal
  • Katia Chernov
  • Dr. Lucas Krieger
  • Emillio
  • Max Cardinal
  • Jason Parker
  • Paul Summer
  • General Roderick
  • Theresa
  • Ralph
  • Leader
  • Young Mercenary
  • Tourist George
  • Tourist Laura

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