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Doomsday Book




Three segments that mix spirituality with traces of dark humour.

Brave New World : Researcher Yoon Seok-woo stays at home alone after his family leaves on a overseas trip. Seok-woo then goes on a blind date with a beautiful woman, Kim Yoo-min. Seok-woo attempts to seduce Yoo-min and finally gets a moment to kiss her, but a bunch of high school students disrupts their intimate moment. Seok-woo kicks out the high school students with superhuman strength. Since then, his body starts to change. The streets are now filled with zombies, the media looks for a mysterious virus and the city of Seoul seems doomed... (Wikipedia)

Heavenly Creature : In the future, when robots have become replacements for human labor, guide robot RU-4 works at a Buddhist temple. The robot achieves enlightenment and begins to preach sermons at the temple. UR, the company that manufactured the robot, considers the robot a threat to human beings, and decides to disassemble RU-4. A robot repairman named Park Do-won (Kim Kang-woo) and Bodhisattva Hye-joo then try to save the robot from its imminent demise... (Wikipedia)

Happy Birthday : Elementary school student Park Min-seo breaks an 8-ball which belongs to her billiards-obsessed father. Min-seo connects to a mysterious site and orders a replacement 8-ball. 2 years later, a meteor resembling a massive 8-ball heads toward planet Earth. With the possibility that the meteor will destroy planet Earth, Min-seo's family heads to an underground bunker built by her uncle, a KAIST graduate and robot engineer. 7 years later, Min-seo leaves the bunker, possessed by a bright light... (Wikipedia)

South korean release date: April 11, 2012

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International poster from the movie Doomsday Book

Main Cast

  • Min-seo (vieux)
  • Joon-ho, lee
  • Min-seo
  • Ancien chercheur NASA
  • Réparateur robot park Do-wo
  • Kim Yoo-min
  • Zombie High school
  • In-Myung
  • Suk-woo
  • Oncle de Min-Seo



$5 000 000

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