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The Vortex




When a convoy of American soldiers disappears in the Mideast, a Special OPS team is deployed on a search and rescue mission. They encounter mega scorpions, giant spiders and oversized snakes – which were created when a former government scientist opened a vortex into another dimension. Now, the team must figure out a way to close the wormhole. But can they close it in time?

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Us poster from the movie The Vortex

Main Cast

  • Wilson
  • Tracy Cavanaugh
  • Dr. William Marx
  • Catherine Deckert
  • Mark Firek
  • General Banks
  • Sydney Gerber
  • Jesus Gomez
  • Enemy Soldier
  • Kerrie Anderson
  • Jack Richards
  • Captain
  • Enemy Soldier
  • Rifleman Lewis
  • Colonel Reed



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