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Star Maidens




The planet Medusa is a world ruled by women, where lowly males are relegated to performing menial tasks and women are assigned personal domestics to satisfy all their needs and desires. Herded meekly by security guards armed with paralysing rayguns, men know no better than to observe the status quo until the day Medusa, blown out of the solar system of Proxima Centauri generations ago by a comet collision, enters the orbit of Earth - a planet rumoured to be ruled by men!

Adam, a headstrong rebel, flees his keeper, beautiful supreme councillor Fulvia, and aided by his faithful friend Shem steals a space yacht and heads for this 'paradise' to claim political sanctuary. Tough security chief Octavia is outraged by this disobedience and in order to get back these insolent men takes two earth scientists hostage on her own planet - Dr Rudi Schmidt is assigned to work parties while his female assistant Liz is treated like a queen. Can the two planets - and the two genders - learn to co-exist peaceably in the same universe?

German release date: April 01, 1977
British release date: September 01, 1976

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British artwork from the series Star Maidens

Main Cast

  • Dr. Liz Baker
  • Dr. Rudi Schmidt
  • Octavia
  • Fulvia
  • Shem
  • Adam
  • Prof. Evans
  • Clara, le Président

Also Known As

  • Die Mädchen aus dem Weltraum (rfa)

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