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Casino Royale




When secret agency chief "M" (John Huston) is killed, James Bond (David Niven) is thrust out of spy retirement to help smash SMERSH, the band of hitmen who are likely responsible. And to protect his real identity, Bond's name is given to numerous other agents, including Evelyn Tremble (Peter Sellers) and Bond's neurotic nephew, Jimmy (Woody Allen). With five directors, a cast of Hollywood icons that also includes Ursula Andress, Charles Boyer, Peter O'Toole, Jacqueline Bisset and Orson Welles.

Us release date: April 28, 1967

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Us poster from the movie Casino Royale

Main Cast

  • Evelyn Tremble / James Bond
  • Vesper Lynd / James Bond 007
  • Sir James Bond
  • Le Chiffre
  • Mata Bond
  • The Detainer / James Bond 00
  • Jimmy Bond (Dr. Noah)
  • Agent Mimi / Lady Fiona McTa
  • Ransome
  • Le Grand
  • M / General McTarry
  • Smernov
  • Himself
  • French Legionnaire
  • Cooper / James Bond 007



$12 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$41 744 000

Also Known As

  • Charles K. Feldman's Casino Royale (inc)

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