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A View to a Kill




Bond confronts Max Zorin (Christopher Walken), who has devised a plan to corner the world's microchip market, even if he has to kill millions to do it! But before Bond can stop the madman, he must confront Zorin's beautiful and deadly companion, May Day (Grace Jones).

British release date: June 13, 1985
Us release date: May 24, 1985

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Us poster from the movie A View to a Kill

Main Cast

  • James Bond
  • Max Zorin
  • Stacey Sutton
  • May Day
  • Sir Godfrey Tibbett
  • Scarpine
  • Chuck Lee
  • Pola Ivanova
  • Bob Conley
  • Jenny Flex
  • Dr. Carl Mortner
  • Q
  • M
  • Miss Moneypenny
  • General Gogol

Also Known As

  • From a View to a Kill (uk)

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