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The Man with the Golden Gun




James Bond (Roger Moore) may have met his match in Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee), a world-renowned assassin whose weapon of choice is a distinctive gold pistol. When Scaramanga seizes the priceless Solex Agitator energy converter, Agent 007 must recover the device and confront the trained killer in a heart-stopping duel to the death!

British release date: December 19, 1974
Us release date: December 20, 1974

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Us poster from the movie The Man with the Golden Gun

Main Cast

  • James Bond-007 / James Bond
  • Scaramanga
  • Goodnight
  • Andrea
  • Nick Nack (in closing credit
  • J. W. Pepper
  • Hai Fat
  • Hip
  • Rodney
  • 'M'
  • Moneypenny
  • Lazar
  • 'Q'
  • Colthorpe
  • Chula



Also Known As

  • The Golden Gun (int)
  • Ian Fleming's The Man with the Golden Gun (uk)

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