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Collision Earth




When a massive comet collides with the Sun, the explosion jettisons the planet Mercury from its orbit and sends it on a fatal collision course with Earth. With each passing day, Earth’s unstable gravitational field creates catastrophic disasters that threatens to tear the planet apart. The only hope for survival is a hidden top-secret military weapon that has the power to destroy Mercury before it slams into Earth. It becomes a race against time to find the weapon the military has kept hidden for 20 years.

Us release date: March 26, 2011

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Unknown poster from the TV movie Collision Earth

Main Cast

  • Dr. James Preston
  • Victoria Preston
  • Christopher Weaver
  • Brooke Adamson
  • Matthew Keyes
  • Edward Rex
  • Marshall Donnington
  • Jennifer Kelly
  • Lee Tahon
  • Michelle
  • Dan Farmington
  • Carjacker
  • Liaison Officer
  • Guard
  • Soldier #1


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