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Light Blast




A muscle bound madman scientist, Yuri Sodobar (Ennio Girolami, 1990: Bronx Warriors), creates a laser beam that melts people in the San Francisco area! He is blackmailing the city for millions! It's up to tough cop Ronn Warren (Erik Estrada, TV's Chips) and his partner (comedian Michael Pritchard) to stop him before he fondues the bay area! Car Chases and explosions follow as Estrada goes to the deep end to stop the madman before he kills (More like Melts) innocent victims. Estrada's ex-wife Peggy Rowe also stars, and the film features a pulsating score from Italian duo Oliver Onions! From the cult director Enzo G. Castellari of Inglorious Bastards and Great White!

Italian release date: August 13, 1985

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Italian poster from the movie Light Blast (Colpi di luce)



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