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At first glance, the quiet mountain suburb of Ascension seems like any typical American small town, but underneath the surface a colossal horror climbs steadily towards the daylight. Something has awakened the enormous beast, and it won't rest until it wreaks apocalyptic devastation across the planet. Local logger Thomas Anderson (Ed Quinn, TV's Eureka) and seismologist Emily Green (Cindy Busby, TV's Heartland) lead a rescue attempt amidst savage earth tremors, and find themselves face-to-face with the most monstrous force of nature in the world!

Us release date: January 15, 2011

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Us artwork from the TV movie Behemoth

Main Cast

  • Thomas Walsh
  • Emily Allington
  • Grace Walsh
  • Zoe
  • Jack Murray
  • William Walsh
  • Sheriff Matt Allington
  • Jerrod Dietrich
  • Agent McKewan
  • Agent O'Neil
  • Joe
  • Mansey
  • Bill Alexander


Also Known As

  • Volcanosaur (inc)

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