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White Noise 2: The Light




What would you do if you could tell who was about to die? Would you try to save innocent lives? After barely escaping a near-death experience, Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion, Serenity) discovers that he has been granted a mysterious ability. But using this dark gift means interfering with the natural order of life and death, a choice that comes with a heavy price. Also starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), White Noise 2 explores an unthinkable and evil dimension in communication with the dead.

British release date: January 05, 2007

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Us poster from the movie White Noise 2: The Light

Main Cast

  • Abe Dale
  • Sherry Clarke
  • Henry Caine
  • Marty Bloom
  • Rebecca Dale
  • Julia Caine
  • Dr. Karras
  • Danny Dale
  • Kurt
  • Liz
  • Homeless Man
  • Father Nathan
  • Dr. Serling
  • ER Nurse #1
  • ER Nurse #2

Also Known As

  • Interferénces 2 (ca)
  • White Noise 2 (ca)
  • White Noise: The Light (ca)

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