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Alien Abduction




While camping, Jean and her three friends are abducted by extra terrestrials. She returns to consciousness in a US Military Hospital especially designed to rehabilitate alien abductees. Her army interrogators soon resort to torture, lobotomy, and even the execution of uncooperative and mutated patients. Jean escapes only to discover the awful truth about the bloody conflict between humanity and the conquering forces of extraterrestrial evil...

Us release date: January 01, 2005

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Us artwork from the movie Alien Abduction

Main Cast

  • Jean
  • Todd
  • Britney
  • Bud
  • Thomas
  • Dr. Booker
  • Major Shakti
  • The Director
  • Nurse White
  • Nurse Green
  • Nurse Schwartz
  • Captain Helens
  • Lieutenant Biggs
  • Staffer Maurice
  • Staffer Franks



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$600 000

Worldwide Box-office

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