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Dr. Wilfred Manz tries to perform a magical experiment on a bettle-shaped amulet. His patience is exhausted and he smashes his fist into some bottles, cuts his hand, and a few drops of blood fall onto the scarab. Manz's physics laboratory is rocked by an explosion, the God Khepera appears and Manz is transformed into a demi-god magician. Thirty years later Manz lives at a mysterious castle and has assumed the name Khepera. Using his magical powers he is killing heads of government and causing the collapse of major financial institutions. Jack Murphy an American correspondant, witnesses the pandemonium following the suicide of the Spanish prime minister and notices an attractive nurse, Elena, take a small scarab which has fallen from the prime ministers lapel. Later he visits an occult shop where the scarab is identified as being associated with the Egyptian god, Khepera. Murphy is captured and Elena - who was tricked into sacrificing her brother when they were children- once more takes the sacrificial dagger...

Spanish release date: June 22, 1984

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Spanish poster from the movie Scarab


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Also Known As

  • Escarabajos asesinos (es)
  • Khepera (us)
  • The Mind Assassins (us)

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