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Vacationing at his family's home in the woods, Novelist Whitley Strieber is awakened one night by bright lights outside his window. The next morning he believes he dreamed of being taken by aliens to a spaceship. As the frequency of these "dreams" increase he wonders: are these encounters just hallucinations, or is this really happening? In desperation he seeks out a therapist who believes hypnosis may expose the truth. Based on Strieber's own experiences, this eerie precursor to the X-Files delivers some genuine chills and adds fuel to the debate about whether we are alone in the universe.

British release date: October 12, 1990
Us release date: November 10, 1989

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Us poster from the movie Communion

Main Cast

  • Whitley Strieber
  • Anne Strieber
  • Dr. Janet Duffy
  • Alex
  • Sarah
  • Andrew Strieber
  • Fireman
  • Mrs. Greenberg
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Praying Mantis Girl
  • Woman from Apartment
  • Second Grade Girl
  • Teacher
  • Tall Boy

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